Monday, June 29, 2009

::Pier Mirror : Help Needed::

I am trying to create a pier mirror similar to the one shown here from I have seen nicer ones before, but couldn't find those at the moment. This one will have to do for now.
This is a beautiful (I think), beat up desk Mr. Simple found in someone's trash. He thought it might work for the bottom of the pier mirror if we cut off some of the legs, and if I fixed it up some. I am afraid to cut off the legs because I think it might not work, plus I love it like it is (with some changes: new top, possible paint job???).

This is a stand I found, but obviously it won't work. It is plastic and tacky because it's so obvious! Even if I painted it and put a marble slab on top, it won't work! It has been a temporary fix.
And here is the mirror. It was originally gold and had an ugly painting, which I removed. Now, it holds our old bathroom mirror.
What should I do? Cut the desk down to hold the mirror? Or should I keep the desk and keep looking for a new base to hold the mirror?

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